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constant-awakening-3rd-editionCONSTANT AWAKENING
Searching For And Finding Spirit
New Revised 3rd edition, available in Paperback, Hard Cover  or Kindle/ E-Book

Finalist USA Best Book Award 2015

Many say reading CONSTANT AWAKENING changed their lives.

The more you read this easily read story, the more you'll want to re-read it.

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The Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn

"From the moment I met Helena I was fascinated with her personality and abilities. She was such a spiritually centered woman who vibrated at a level we are not used to in people. I was extremely impressed and convinced with everything she said and did. She radiates what she teaches and without you realizing it, she pulls you into a fascinating journey of discovery. She brought me to a feeling of inner calm. I couldn't believe how every trace of old stress had disappeared from my system and how peaceful I felt afterwards."
- Randy Denton, former director BROWARD CENTER FOR LIVING, Florida

We all came here to this remarkable world with the chance to create a life for ourselves based our own philosophy and actions. Most of us do not understand the real purpose of our lives and get stuck in old habits. But still deep down we know that there is some kind of purpose for our lives and that we somehow can make our lives an extraordinary and meaningful life, we just don't know how to get started.

We all have the choice to live a happy, healthy, stress–free and successful life. To make it happen that way, we first have to program our thoughts and train them to go in the direction of our dreams.

We'll teach you how to make changes happen in your life and how to program your subconscious mind, the true architect of well being and success in your life.


The Reverend Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn, ordained minister, master teacher, international lecturer, experienced healer and inspirational coach will guide you to a well balanced happy and healthy life suitable for our fast - moving and challenging times.

Helena Margareta is practical and down to earth in her approach, far away from old set limitations and judgment. She is known for her wisdom and common sense and she speaks from her wealth of experience from a long and challenge filled life. She has been successful in her many past endeavors , may they have been in business, socially or privately. She has a long background as a healer and life coach, not to forget to include her role as a mother and grandmother, community activist, former wife of successful business executives and her own experience working in the corporate world. Her life experience is multi dimensional and hard to match for most in the field of coaching. Her audiences applaud her intuition and spirituality, the foundation for her success.

Her spiritual side was there all along. As was the case with so many women of her generation, she had to suppress her spiritual abilities to suit the opinions of an ignorant. Society, and therefore for a long time did not fully use her strong spiritual talents that are now the main aspect of her work.

What Others Say

"Helena Margareta was born with some very valuable gifts, which she resisted for a significant portion of her life. When she finally gave in to her amazing natural instincts, her evolving self-acceptance not only changed her life in miraculous ways, but she also inspired others to find their own healing and wholeness."
–Christine DeLorey, author of Life Cycles, your Emotional Journey to Freedom and Happiness, Miami

"We all feel very humbled and very grateful to have met Helena. It is impossible to describe a magnificent person as Helena. You have to experience her seminars and meetings for yourself. Be prepared for a very special event in your life."
–Rita and Ola Bruseth, Best Western Hotel Management, Revsnes, Norway

"Helena Margareta is such a great and dedicated speaker. We are looking forward to welcoming her again at the United Nations. The inclusion of her meditation was incredibly powerful." –Sharon Hamilton, Chairman, Values and Business CSVGV at the United Nations, New York

"We are delighted with your charm, tact and culture, and we so much appreciated your big capacity for work, your energy and the enthusiasm you put into what you are doing. We hope to work with you soon again."
–International Union of Employees in Culture, Tourism and Sports, Moscow, Russia

"Thank you for speaking to us at the United Nations. Your ideas and presence are inspiring and I am happy to have heard your message."
–Swamini Sri Latimbika, NewYork

"I have to thank you for the seminar last weekend. It feels like you have given me keys to a new car to drive and a roadmap with new places to visit. It was important for me to have attended and I now begin to understand the real meaning of my life. I am now looking forward to my future."
–Irene A., Miami, FL

Rev. Helena Margareta has successfully used her method on tens of thousands individuals in her one-on-one consultations all over the world with often astounding results for feeling better in so many ways. In July 2002 she was ranked one of the top healing coaches in the world by National Examiner.

"I wanted to take the time to thank you for the difference that you have made in my life. The work you are doing has the potential to shift mankind. I have my positive outlook back and my re-connection tomy old self. I feel wonderful every day the minute I wake up."
–Lisa S. Palm Beach, Florida

Helena Margareta's Model For Our Changing Times:

The programming of your subconscious mind will determine the direction of your life, more so than you ever imagined. It is the divine part of your inner self . It listens to all your thoughts and feelings. Your subconscious mind is the most important part about you.

WE now know that there is a strong connection between BODY, MIND and SPIRIT. Using this formula, you can look forward to a future filled with the good things you always wanted –the easy way. Nobody can ever take that away from you.

... Helena Margareta works on the foundation that everything about us is energy: our thoughts, feelings, actions... and those thoughts and feelings go to our subconscious mind and program us in a certain way. She sees that within all of us there is a core energy, a sparkle of light –The Light. 

Times are changing, and we begin to move towards this source of knowledge accessible to all of us –at all times. It is already programmed within ourselves and we have to learn the technique not only how to access it, but also how to use it.

But before you implant new wishes in your subconscious mind , you have to cleanse away any old burden that you have collected through the years . This is the beginning of our work together. Without this higher form of cleansing any work with your subconscious mind will only be superficial and of no lasting effect. Intellectual programming, usually taught in regular motivational programs will remain intellectual and only have a temporary effect on your subconscious mind and you will not see the lasting changes you had hoped for..

We first cleanse your subconscious mind from any old burden of the past. Then we re-program your subconscious mind for future success.

Your subconscious is probably the most important part about you. It is the Divine you within you . If you want to see changes within a reasonable period of time any approach has to be spiritual. With the right spiritual directions you and your subconscious mind can perform miracles.

Once you understand how to deal with your subconscious mind, you have made way for your DREAMS to become part of your reality.

"We don't know the true nature of reality or what is truly reality.
Because we compare with our own limitations."

Immanuel Kant, German Philosopher
1724- 1804

The Helena Margareta Technique

Your problem /blockage is usually hiding deep down in your subconscious mind. This is where we go, together. We "clean and dust " and remove old memories that have been holding you back. This can only be done effectively on a spiritual energy level. Following Your Heart and Intuition can affect your whole life and bring you the rewards you have been looking for.

In our inspirational lectures and inspirational seminars we teach you how to connect with that inner source of unlimited information within you. It has been used in history by the great composers, authors and statesmen but in our modern times got lost with all the additions of technology and the restrictions of logic would leave nothing to the imagination...
You now have the possibility to claim your rights to develop your higher potential and be the one you have always wished to be.

Once you let go of your old programming, you'll make that leap forward to a new awareness, where you are more apt to see the real truth of new opportunities, experiment with new creative ideas, and be in harmony with yourself and others.

You may even be able to turn those dreams of yours into your own reality.

ACTIVATE Your Inner Light for an Improved Quality of Life - An effective Way for guaranteed long lasting positive results

Our purpose is to inspire the individual to a new inspirational awareness, to help make this world a good world without violence, fear and judgment.

The Activale Program, The Helena Margareta Seminars are focused on the well being and success of the INDIVIDUAL, teaching the individual the original ways to value our true connection with nature and the Universe.

Activale Training Program Extended Awareness For Leadership

Be in charge of your life.

  • A well balanced leader will create a happy community where we all learn to respect each other and each other's talents.
  • A well balanced leader is open in mind and awareness and looks at the world as a place of many good possibilities.
  • Good leadership is based on a balance between body, mind, spirit and your earthy surroundings.


The ACTIVALE TRAINING PROGRAM is teaching the individual to value our true connection with our Inner Self as well as living in harmony with their surrounding. This is the true meaning of being in charge of your life. You, the individual were meant to live a good and successful life. Our purpose is to inspire the individual and the world to tune in to a new inspirational awareness, to help make this world be a good world without violence, fear and judgment. You might not know it, but you already have the tools available within you to make your life a great life.

We have in our free updated society accepted that there are endless new directions and valid opportunities ahead of us, available to all, in a way we never thought was possible before. Knowledge that was considered unacceptable before is now beginning to be part of every day life . Practical, more relaxed, spirituality is no longer dismissed by old principles of limitation. Instead we dare open up to those unique ideas and approaches and take advantages of the benefits... In fact this is nothing new. It was spoken about already during biblical times, but then this old wisdom was taken over by those of control and power, and the freedom of choice was lost.

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Learn from her wealth of INFORMATION

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USA and Europe

  • Self-Empowerment for women
  • Public inspirational Lectures and Workshops, for men and women
  • Inspirational Lectures for Organizations
  • Private consultations, in person or over the telephone/Skype

Seminars & Workshops - Optimize your natural talents

1-5 Day Seminars and Workshops

The 5 day retreats are our most popular events in beautiful world resorts in Europe or the US. Treat yourself to an unforgettable time in the sun, make new friends as you create the New You.

Activate your Spiritual Energy and understand what this truly means. Learn how to use your DIRECT LINE TO SOURCE. Learn Power-Meditation techniques. Learn about diets for health and beauty. Learn about colors, what they mean, how to use them for feeling good, making an impression, find more success, setting a mood. Formulas to Attract GOOD Times and the ground rule to make your wishes come true. Create a foundation for successful relationships. Starting with the relationship with yourself. The Power of Your Intention. How to deal with your subconscious mind and how to train it for more success. The Law of Attraction and find out how it works. Learn how your subconscious mind determines the direction and even wellness of your life. Learn the Helena- Margareta-Technique to cleanse you subconscious mind from old burden and find new ways to move ahead.


Accept that you are a spiritual being. When you have reached that special spiritual know-how, you are on your way to live your dreams.


CONSTANT AWAKENING: Hard cover book. A unique journey of self discovery to find the purpose of life, and why things happen a certain way. A page turner.

WHO AM I AND WHERE AM I GOING? Hard Cover A beautiful book of incredible wisdom and hints to live by for a good day. A must have for your bedside table to read before you sleep or start your day.

Meditation CDs in English or Swedish. They are more than a guided meditation, they cleanse your subconscious mind from old fear and pain and add feelings of peace and completion. Many claim they are life changing.


Private Consultations, Coaching and Guidance, Anti Stress and Renewed Energy

Find out who you really are and find talents within you that you didn't even know you had before. Find peace of mind and get rid of all stressful programming of years past. Find the many dimensions about yourself. Learn how you can raise your awareness for a more rewarding life. Get rid of blockages that have been hiding in your subconscious mind for "ages" and begin to live a full and exciting life.

Helena Margareta, Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn, has been ranked one of the world's top spiritual healing coaches. She is an nondenominational ordained minister and has helped tens of thousands of men and women find better health, peace of mind and success in her one-on-one sessions. Now she also works over the telephone or via Skype with individuals all over the world. She is practical and down to earth and will help guide you on your path towards future victories.

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