Just as in her classes, Helena Margareta will, in a private session, help you ACTIVATE your soul-power, your own inner powers and intuitive system. If you so desire, you’ll also be advised on worldly matters such as beauty, diet, personal relationships, social know-how and business etiquette, wellness in body and mind, all according to your needs and personal wishes. You’ll have no problem practising it on your own afterwards.

Helena Margareta’s coaching is based on her heritage of spiritual abilities which runs in her family, going back in her family for many centuries. She is a natural. With her long life experience including her business experience, her intuition and active, mainstream professional life, few can match her skills in today’s motivational coaching arena. Her method is unique. Many say it is life changing.

All work is done on the foundation of quantum physics theory. In simplified layman terms: The Universe consists of a collectiveness of unlimited energy where all that it is made up by energy; You and me and everything else. In this field of energy all things are in a movement communicating with each other. Those of the same vibration attract each other. Wherever we are in place and time, it is still here and now. We are all part of an unlimited one-ness.

What is this White Light Energy?

It does not matter what you call it: The Universe, God, The Light, The Source or Cosmos. Use whatever name is best for you and your culture, as long as you allow it to work for you and within you. Be loving and most of all UNCONDITIONAL. Never try to judge this power with your intellect or logic. It simply doesn’t work that way. Relax, feel free and allow it to flow through you.

To Contact Helena or request more information email her at: Helena Margareta