An International Network

Are you an Independent Peace Ambassador?

Do You value the idea of Love and Light ?
Or to use more practical words: Do you stand up for freedom, understanding and have an open mind? Do you have respect for all life and honor TRUE knowledge?

Do you have the courage to follow your heart in your thoughts and actions?

Who can become part of the AMBASSADOR LIBRE International Network?

1. All who are willing to practice this philosophy in their daily life and dare demonstrate that Peace in the World starts within each one of us.

2. All who believe that all and each one of us has a spiritual connection.

3. All who know that this connection lives within ALL of us and that a particular culture, political view or religion has nothing to do with it.

4. All who are willing to respect the life of ALL human beings, of all animals and their God-given right to live in a world of peace.

5. All who respect nature and are willing to do their part to protect all life, nature, our climate, earth, waters and environment from life destroying weapons.

6. All who are willing to take time for meditation, may it be for a brief moment only, or on a daily basis as part of their staying- in-touch-with-Spirit.

7. All those who become Ambassadors Libre for the Good of All, and not solely for their own gain and promotion.

8. All who trust Spirit and follow their heart before political or monetary gains.

9. All who dare stand up for this belief at all times.

10. Speak up when you can!

Peace can only happen through your heart. Otherwise it is politics of various kinds.

Sometimes religion gives peace a try. But as we have seen in both religion and politics, today and through the ages , they have both been a game of power and control and either one is usually the cause of new wars and conflicts.It is time we face the truth: we can find peace only through meetings of joy, love and understanding among the people themselves, being honest, breaking bread together, singing and dancing- showing our families to each other – in short being real human beings.

Through history a peace treaty has been the political conclusion of war but no peace treaty ever lasted that long.

People involved, on both sides, still suffered from loss and anger and they never received any help or training how to heal their emotional wounds. Hurt and hatred never left their hearts or memories and it lived on as an energy not only through the people but also through the earth. Before long a culture was born of hidden and unspoken unrest. Soon there was another war, and yet another and another recurring through the centuries.

Leaders changed, each one filling their particular personal agenda of new power and control.

Our world has never known an era without war.

Through her research, and working with people in different corners of the world, Helena Margareta has found that peace and harmony is a need that lives within each one of us and that we all have an inborn desire to experience it. As is the case with love. all of us have a desire to experience peace. But, far too often we confuse love, happiness and harmony with materialistic gains and control over others, thus leaving real peace and harmony behind. New success gurus in today’s world, speak about financial gains as the ultimate goal for our happiness, and we go along with it!

There is only ONE way to peace in the world:

A change in the mindset and consciousness.
There is another word for understanding, but an understanding on a much deeper level … And this word is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Even those who preach it, don’t always understand what it means. And they seldom live what they preach.

Unconditional Love means making NO Judgment. Make no condemnation. Understand the other side of the coin, begin to negotiate and let go of all power games. Educate on the rights and wrongs. Show and teach respect. Abuse and power over others is definitely not right.

There are those who absolutely want to have power over others in this world. Unfortunately this comes from a deficit in their own hearts, a malfunction in their emotions and a craving for power .
They need serious healing. Politics needs serious and deep healing. These are harsh words, but it is a reality and time for us to make changes.

Looking back in history and looking at problem areas in the world right now – why do we close our eyes to the real cause of our problems? Those in charge, do NOT want to let go of their personal appetite to stay in power. People suffer, while their people suffer.

When you think back in history, you will realize that each good (or bad) thing always started through the initiative of just ONE individual. Look at our present days… You’ll still find that all good – or bad – usually started by just ONE individual.
Therefore, you and me, we both count…

So let us begin to create PEACE in the WORLD–with our unconditional attitude, trust, belief system and actions, beginning with the world where we live and work.

You need not go out and try to change the world. Just live with the AWARENESS that we all belong to the SAME ONENESS. You are to respect those you meet and make no rapid judgments because of background, race or philosophy. SEND your positive prayers to those in need, dare stand up for new ideas coming from the heart, And when the situation arises, get informed and try to understand. When this is done on all sides, we will begin to experience a sense of oneness, of belonging together.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Ambassador Libre Network, please email us:
Tell us who you are, where you live and
how you would like to participate.
This program has nothing to do with any organized religion.
All we ask is that you raise your level of awareness and open your
heart to common sense, nature and other living beings.
Observe, but do not judge. Speak up when you can.
Help where you feel you can help.

Thank you !