ACTIVALE & EnergyWorks International, Inc.

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Tallevast, Florida 34270

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With Rev. Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn

Leadership/ Management/ Coaching/ Feel Well programs/
Personal/ Business / Individual / Groups

Contact us for:

  • Motivational, inspirational Lectures
  • Motivational, Inspirational Self Help Workshops
  • Individual Consultations to suit your individual needs
  • Group sessions for couples, families, office staff, students
  • Personal Transformation Sessions, Peace-of-Mind
  • Self-Healing Sessions. Strengthen your self-healing ability for wellness
  • Who Am I really?  Past life regressions, your multi-dimensional self, feel in tune with your mental and spiritual self -and  physical body for perfect wellness
  • Soul Searching, Help and Guidance in everyday life

Over the telephone or Internet/Skype   (Please use head set)

PRIVATE COACHING or to make an appointment
Payment due at the time of making an appointment

Disclaimer: Helena Margareta is not a medical doctor and makes no medical claims or guarantees. If you have a medical problem, please go for medical treatment FIRST.

Contact In Europe:

Post Office Box 3510
11174 Stockholm / Sweden

Payment due at the time of making an appointment




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