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Personal Development – The Purpose of Your life – Get what you want – New Wave Power MeditationTM Techniques –Power of your Thoughts – Find & Activate Your Higher Potential – Learn Intuition – Self-Healing techniques –Create a New Life Direction –Your Dimensional Self –Soul Memories and how they may influence your life –About Love – Diets and Looking Good – Social Etiquettes


Lectures are approx. 1 hour to 2 ½ hours…. Usually including powerful guided transformational Power-Meditation. Helena Margareta’s material is unique and from her own experience and extensive research. Lectures are entertaining and by many considered life changing. Helena Margareta is a popular international speaker and a fascinating story teller. You will love her slight European accent, extensive knowledge and enthusiasm.


1 Day Workshop or 2 Day weekend Workshop/ Seminars

Usually from 10.00 AM to 5.30 PM, local time. Lunch not included. Depending on location, an afternoon snack or coffee/tea break is usually included. Bring a notebook, pen, your own water bottle and wear comfortable clothes. Please, no children under 16, for a workshop without a parent’s permission.

3-6 Day Personal Transformation Seminars

Usually at beautiful resorts somewhere in the world. We Start daily at 10.00 AM – 2.00 PM, 6.30 PM- 8.00 PM. These seminars are very intense, but we have allowed for ample time in between for rest and recreation. First and last day, evening session only. In some locations, early morning yoga or breathing session before breakfast. Vegetarian cuisine usually available. Good local wine and beer also available. (You receive a Diploma after completion of a 6 day-seminar)

Transformational New-Wave-Power-Meditation™ Techniques and interaction are included for all motivational-inspirational lectures and motivational –inspirational seminars/ workshops.

Pamper yourself in exciting cities, beautiful mountain or seaside resorts at premier hotels usually with health spa, massage, exercise room and beauty parlor. Make new friends as you create The New You and learn how to ACTIVATE your own higher potential.

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Research has shown that business managers with the highest profits and most success were also more intuitive and spiritually open than the others.

Satisfied clients are our best advertising. At least 95% of our attendance come because of recommendations from satisfied participants. After one lecture or workshop we usually receive more requests from new clients. One satisfied one-on-one-client sends the word to a friend, a family member or colleague, from city to city, even from one country to another. Helena-Margareta works internationally.

Helena Margareta is unique in her teachings. Her material is very clear and CHANNELED directly from Source. The knowledge goes from ” the big heart of the Universe” directly to your own heart. This is why it works so well. She usually speaks from her own extensive experience – there is no better way for us to learn.

  • Seminars for Men and Women
  • Discounts for Couples
  • Custom made workshops for families, sport teams and corporations

Helena Margareta’s message fits right in with today’s stressful times where particularly women have to perform at their highest capacity at work at the same time as they care for their families at home. The process of high performance often cause them to be burned-out, sick, irritable , lonely and they feel they miss out on good times. Because of women’s God given connection to giving and nurturing life, women have a natural curiosity for nature and the Universe, and in their heart, they are always looking for this missing link.

Finding and connecting with this MISSING LINK is how women find peace in their souls. In a seminar, you learn how you can make your life super successful : You ACTIVATE your God given hidden talents, in particular your soul-power, to enjoy life, feel well and be in tune with your surrounding. You’ll learn the meaning of life, the meaning of your life in particular.

Helena Margareta has a natural gift to work with you on levels where others can only guess what you are all about. You’ll learn how to USE your soul-power, own life-force energy and through a very simple technique and this way heal all wounds of stressful times. Your life style will be healthier and more successful. Once you are in spiritual balance, you’ll automatically attract other spiritually loving, healthy and successful individuals – all according to the Law of Attraction.

In a workshop you’ll be in the driver’s seat of a true journey of self discovery. You ‘ll experience first hand your very own true connection to Spirit and re-program yourself to a higher level of awareness. You’ll even during the course of a short lecture understand the Rules of Nature, and how to condition yourself to benefit from the Law of Attraction. It really works.

You’ll learn self healing and open up to a new awareness of everything around you.

Helena Margareta’s lectures are no intellectual mumbo-jumbo with complicated words you can’t understand or remember. She speaks directly from HER HEART to YOUR HEART and her message is very easy to understand. She is Swedish born and still speaks English with a charming Swedish accent, which contributes to her genuine ways.

Helena Margareta’s experience from the international business world is extensive as is her whole life experience. Whatever it might be – she has most likely been there… Although a busy professional, she still finds the time to be an active grandmother and a good friend to many.

Many health conditions and even accidents are caused by stress, directly or indirectly. You will be taught never to allow stress to rule your life again. You’ll learn joy, relaxation of body and mind. How to be more creative and confident in your appearance. You will laugh, dance and find many new friends away from home. We use a lot of music in our work. We believe in joy and how to live life at its fullest.

Thousands of satisfied clients in many countries can only agree that the system works. It is so simple…But you have to ACTIVATE it for it to work!

You’ll learn to access your soul-power, and be advised on beauty, diet, social – and business etiquette, spirituality, and well-being in body and mind, all according to your needs and personal wishes. Learn the simple techniques to increase your level of awareness and productivity.

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I had the feeling that as soon as you entered the room, your presence immediately made me feel harmonious, positive and so calm. The method you teach in your workshops really works and it’s so simple.  – Christina H. Sweden