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helena-margareta-one-on-oneHelena Margareta, the Rev. Dr Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn was ranked one of the top intuitive healing coaches in the world in July 2003.

Albert Einstein says in one of his many quotes:

“There comes a time when the mind takes a higher plane of knowledge but can never PROVE how it got there. All great discoveries have involved such a leap.”

So true. This is the foundation for all Helena’s work: Together you go to a “Higher Plane of Knowledge” and intuitively discover where you are blocked. You go directly to your subconscious mind and to the core of who you REALLY are. Intuitively your hidden blockages are now removed so healing can take place.

You are then brought into the unique New-Wave-Power-MeditationTM Techinque to reach your subconscious mind and program it for a more balanced, healthier and a more successful life filled with inspiration and positive energy. The results are usually long lasting and may even be life changing. The method used is channelled and intuitive–the reason why it works so well.

Helena has personally helped over 25,000 individuals, women and men, teenagers, professionals and homemakers, students, sportsmen, artists, royalties and trendsetters, all over the world in one-on-one sessions. Practically all new clients come to her through personal referrals; one satisfied client recommends her to a friend or colleague.

She works daily, even over weekends. Sessions take place either in person, over the telephone or via Skype appointments. This has given her a lot of experience so you can count on being in qualified hands. However, there is one condition for you to participate: You must have an open mind, or at least a fairly open mind to work together!

 Helena has worked with individuals in many areas of their lives. Below are just a few.
  • Body-Mind-Connection
  • Access your own inner knowledge
  • Awaken your source of creativity within
  • Get rid of stress
  • Focus
  • Leadership skills
  • Better relationships, at home and at work
  • New Energy and strength
  • Balance and Harmony in body and mind
  • Not feeling alone – ever
  • More positive awareness
  • Improved insights and wisdom
  • Better health and wellness in general
  • Re-program your life
  • Create new thoughts
  • Communication skills
  • Peace of mind
  • Get rid of blockages to move forward

Helena offers her One-on-One sessions over the telephone (please use landline) or using Skype (use headphones).

To make a One–on–One Appointment with Helena: Email: Helena Margareta

We were meant to live a happy and healthy life –all of us. Each one of us came to this world with dreams and visions as well as many talents. Those dreams and wishes come from somewhere within you, where something tells you that you can make it . You just don’t know how to do it or how to start. Yes, there is a simple success formula, how to reach and ACTIVATE your hidden talents…

Women in particular are longing for a spiritual knowledge and new ways of self-expression, They so much wish to use their creativity, and find new ways to bring them forth. The time is now!

“Helena Steiner–Hornsteyn is a beacon of radiant hope and light in a world where hope and light are deeply needed. It is wonderful to have Helena for a personal friend. It is also wonderful to know that my friend is stunningly gifted by God to be a healing light worker and is able to help others into their own healing gifts. She is unselfish about helping people find their own centers of light energy and person-hood. For me the greatest grace of meditating with Dr. Helena’s guided meditation has been to receive the gift of being able to forgive and heal old soul wounds. With Eternal Thanks for her beautiful work made available to all of us.”
–Dr. Anele Heiges, President, International Public Policy Institute at The UNITED NATIONS
New York, Vienna, Geneva

“Helena Margareta was born with some very valuable gifts, which she resisted for a significant portion of her life. When she finally gave in to her amazing natural instincts, her evolving self-acceptance not only changed her life in miraculous ways, but she also inspired others to find their own healing and wholeness.”
– Christine DeLorey, Miami, Florida; author of LIFE CYCLES, your Emotional Journey to Freedom and Happiness

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the difference that you have made in my life. The work you are doing has the potential to shift mankind. I have my positive outlook back and my re-connection to my old Self. I feel wonderful every day the minute I wake up.”
– Lisa S. Palm Beach, Florida

“Forgive me for saying so but I had no idea you were so good! I know you must have heard this before, but you changed my life! My sales have gone up and I get along with my family much better. I have even lost weight and have a new positive outlook on my life…”
– Brenda M., Boston

“Although I noticed that I felt much better, and my grief seemed to have disappeared, I thought I was the same after I had finished my coaching program with you last year. I didn’t realize how much I had changed until my friends and family told me that I was different. They said I was much nicer and more fun to be with. To my surprise I also kept on being the rep of the week at work and got my own parking spot. I never had that before. Something is definitely different. I never noticed the changes myself, because somehow they had become part of the new me. This is incredible and I understand why you are so busy. I didn’t know there was anyone like you in the world. I am so grateful. Thank you.”
– Carla P., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

There is a very easy technique, a natural way to reach good results with no physical enhancements, a completely natural boost available to all of us. This boost is to use an energy that already resides within you and everyone else: Our Higher Self, our Inner Knowledge –Our Inner Light.. This is not some theory that Helena picked up from various studies but from her own hard earned experience and she has lived a long life, with many ups and down. She had to find out for herself what worked and what didn’t work, so she knows what she is talking about. She also discovered why she got sick so often and the remedy to keep sickness away. Most of all – she discovered that she, she alone, was in control of her life, much more than she ever imagined. And that she already had the power to do so.

More testimonials:

“Thank you for showing me the direction of my life at a time when I didn’t know where to turn. I can’t put a price on what you do. It is not about the money. Its something more. It’s like walking through an invisible door to a new life and you see everything in a new positive way, …”
–Sigrid, G. Stockholm, Sweden

“Thank you for your wonderful help, Helena. You have a unique and amazing gift. You are doing a great service for this world and I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.”
– Annette M., Producer, Miami

“I had the feeling that you as soon as you entered the room, your presence immediately made me feel harmonious, positive and so calm. The method you teach in your workshops really works, and it’s so simple. Thank you also for helping our son get well from his serious condition. He is now completely free from his illness. We couldn’t be happier.”
– Christina H. Sweden

“I attended your motivational workshop here in Helsinki. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
– Paivi H., Helsinki, Finland

“I enjoyed every minute of your inspirational lecture, and your meditation was a gateway to heaven. Great things have happened in my life afterwards, and I feel I have to thank you for that.”
Wenche A., Kristiansand, Norway

“Helena, Your help has been invaluable to our whole family. We have all benefitted and I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t come our way. We would probably have lived in the street doing drugs with no hope in sight. We now have jobs, a beautiful home and a healthy life style with no drugs. Thank you for being our angel.”
– Maria V. M. and family, Miami Beach, FL

“When I first met you I was at the end of my rope. I had nothing more to live for and saw no meaning with my life. I had had it. I felt sick and tired and stuck in a hopeless life. Then, we met and everything, I mean everything changed. You taught me to find my Light, the meaning and purpose of my life. I cannot thank you enough. You saved my life.”
– Karen, V. Company Executive, Miami

Activate of Your Soul-Power

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Helena Margareta’s coaching is based on her heritage of spiritual abilities which runs in her family, going back in her family for many centuries. She is a natural. With her long life experience including her business experience, her intuition and active, mainstream professional life, few can match her skills in today’s motivational coaching arena. Her method is unique. Many say it is life changing.

All work is done on the foundation of quantum physics theory. In simplified layman terms: The Universe consists of a collectiveness of unlimited energy where all that is is made up by energy: You and me and everything else. In this field of energy all things are in a movement communicating with each other. Those of the same vibration attract each other. Wherever we are in place and time, it is still here and now. We are all part of an unlimited one-ness.

What is this White Light Energy?

It does not matter what you call it: The Universe, God, The Light, The Source or Cosmos. Use whatever name is best for you and your culture, as long as you allow it to work for you and within you. Be loving and most of all UNCONDITIONAL. Never try to judge this power with your intellect or logic. It simply doesn’t work that way. Relax, feel free and allow it to flow through you.

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