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What You Say Matters

What you say matters. Be careful what you say, because the words you use could determine the direction of your life. Helena Margareta meets with Dee Hilliard and speak about the meaning of the words you use, even the colors you wear. This program includes several powerful healing meditations.


When Does Spiritual Healing Work, and When Does It Not? Some interesting revelations about Helena’s work and experiences.

This is about healing in a different way. It is spontaneous and from the heart and full of motivational light meditations and energy- tune-ups. We have heard from many who are raving about these downloads that they can use in their daily lives for more  energy and well being. At this time still at no charge.


 The 3 Keys for a TRUE Rich Life

Helena Margareta ( Dr. Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn) meets with author Katherine C.H.E. to speak about  Katherine’s book TRUE RICH. First, what does it mean ?
What attracts a true rich life?  What do you do to make it come your way?
Are there certain things you can do to make it happen? What are your priorities for success? About attraction, attitudes and living a good life.


The TRUTH About Healing

World renown spiritual healer Helena Margareta – Dr  Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn will answer questions and clear up misunderstandings about remote healing and healing in general. How healing interacts with medical treatment and the possible future of  the various healing methods now appearing in the western world including a lengthy Love and Light Healing Meditation as Helena Margareta’s gift to you. Relax, enjoy the benefits and share with your friends.


Angels Around Us with author Jeanne Marie Antoinette

Some see angels as a fantasy, for others angels are a powerful reality. You want to know more? Call in to the live show, or listen to the archives and judge for yourself.  Where do angels live  or do they exist at all? Listen and make up your mind.

Helena Margareta meets with author Jeanne Marie Antoinette speaking about the reality of angels and various spiritual interventions in our world. Call in  and share your own experience.

Jeanne Marie Antoinette is the author of: When Angels Die, Circle of Tears, Flowers are Forever, The Monkey Mind Connection, Your Divine Connection, and Your Tribal Connection.


The Amazing Connection between Mathematics and Spirit- Helena Margareta with Metaphysical Author Vipin Metha.

Engineer uses Construction Principles to lay the Foundation for Global Healing

Helena Margareta meets with Vipin Mehta, a licenced engineer, metaphysics lecturer and noted spiritual counselor. By breaking things down into formulas and processes, people can predict outcomes and change patterns to help avoid other outcomes


 Conversation Between Two healers, Dr. Eric Pearl and Helena Margareta

Dr. Eric Pearl is Helena´s guest and they will be talking about Reconnective Healing and HOW TO tap into your own scientifically memorable healing frequencies that are transforming the way healing is done. He’ll relate his own story of Discovering Reconnective Healing and how people got well without even touching them.


The Return of Helena  Margareta

Why do things happen a certain way? And many more questions piling up in Helena´s mailbox. Many answers are channeled  and to the point..Sometimes with some shocking answers. Helena will also reveal the reason for her long absence.


Churchill’s Secret Agent – with Linda and Max Ciampoli

Churchill’s Secret Agent, a new book On the National Best selling list. Meet Linda and Max Ciampoli. Max Ciampoli was Winston Churchill’s personal secret agent during World War II. Hear about the exciting life of a real life spy, the risks he had to take, about the captures, torture, escape and starting all over again. Max Ciampoli saved thousands of lives, while risking his own. How his positive attitudes kept him going and always throughout his life brought him good luck. A sensational and  interesting program about real history that we otherwise never get to hear about first hand. Tune in now.


Pacific – Dreams, Psychic Symbols and Past-life Experiences

Dream expert Dr. Gillian Holloway will be Helena Margareta’s guest today, speaking about dream symbols, psychic dreams and how  past-life times can appear as dreams.  Dr. Holloway co-hosts the Sedona Talk Radio show Flash Of Spirit on Thursdays.


A Christmas Basket of Gifts for YOU

Helena Margareta has prepared a Christmas Basket of gifts for YOU; With affirmations for strength and Well-Being, a Helena-Margareta- New- Wave- Feel-Good Meditation, and questions answered regarding  Angels, Channeling. Helena Margareta will share the antidote technique with you to get rid of  negative  energies.



President John F. Kennedy´s Former Love Speaks Out

Helena-Margareta will yet again meet with Swedish aristocrat Gunilla von Post. Gunilla had no intention to intrude in anyone´s private life – it still happened: JFK and Gunilla met on a beautiful sunny day on the French Riviera and they fell in love. He later secretly visited her in Sweden and what then happened was in nobody´s plans, but it became part of history.

Shortly before his death JFK made a revelation about this relationship that you may find sensational. Gunilla will share what it was for the first time ever on the air. Gunilla von Post has appeared on all US major networks and wrote the book: “Love, Jack”.


Special Show – Tuesday October 26, 2010 at 8AM Pacific – Helena-Margareta Live from Europe.

After a few exciting months in Europe, Helena-Margareta is  giving her final report this year of what is going on in the old world. Socially, politically and most of all people´s relationship with Spirit.  The PARADIGM SHIFT. These are changing times and YOU play an important part in it. What you should do to feel well and make good fortune come your way.

Helena-Margareta will this time also answer your email questions.


Crossing The Atlantic Ocean …. In A Rowboat!

Niclas Mardfelt was originally an overworked burned out regular guy, but he turned his life around. He is now one of the great adventurers of Europe. He will talk with Helena-Margareta how he crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to the American continent in a rowboat. Also his encounters with nature and how close he came to death several times and what made him stay alive.