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HELENA  MARGARETA, Swedish born and a direct descendant of a historical Swedish family, where women were known for their wisdom, and unique spiritual abilities, placing these remarkable women in political and social positions already during the Middle Ages. Helena Margareta a Florida resident and a popular international inspirational speaker. She is ranked one of the world’s TOP 4 intuitive healing coaches and is an often invited speaker at the United Nations.

Author of Constant Awakening, and Who Am I ? Where Am I going? Creator of the New-Wave-Power–Meditation –Programs, now available on CDs. She presents workshops and seminars for Personal Transformation worldwide. Her workshops are considered life-changing.

Helena Margareta is hosting an Internet/ Radio Show: heard in 84 countries..

Helena Margareta, a non-denominational licensed minister, has been active in the political and corporate world but has a lifetime of intuitive and spiritual working experience behind her- Her Personal Transformation work has included extensive, in depth research on over 20,000 individuals from many corners of the world. She speaks fluently 4 languages.

Her metaphysical research brought her an understanding of a different World Relativity that we would otherwise never comprehend through regular intellectual analysis or today’s technology. Her insight has helped her understand feelings of people of different cultures and traditions.

Helena Margareta has helped thousands solve their personal problems on physical as well as spiritual levels and for them to understand the meaning of their lives. She particularly enjoys working with women’s groups and sees an incredible need for women in the corporate world to boost their self-worth. Women have fabulous God-given but hidden spiritual powers, because of their connection with Nature through giving and nurturing LIFE. Sadly, women have by our society been programed not to give value to their birth powers …

In her classes, Helena Margareta shares with others her knowledge in self-healing and mind-clearance. As a former socialite she also advises on beauty and etiquette, as well as spirituality and well being in body and mind. She has found the metaphysical cause for anger, depression, lack of energy and how these conditions can be remedied.

Her dimensional insights clearly demonstrate that life is an eternal body-mind-soul process of evolution, and that life belongs to a Continuum of unlimited proportions, where each one of us is in charge of our own well-being, and how we all can create PEACE in our lives.

Helena Margareta has used her remarkable spiritual gift to help others help themselves. Everyone has the ability to ACTIVATE that Inner Power/ the Higher Potential already residing within all of us to enrich our personal and professional life.

Helena Margareta, metaphysician, a unique inspirational Speaker and inspirational Life Coach, holds a doctor of Divinity degree/UBU. She is a licensed non-denominational minister, Founder & creator of the New-Wave-Power-MeditationTM Techinque, author, former producer of musical entertainment, founder of 2 major Symphony Orchestras, founder of several charitable organizations in the US, a community activist, artist, and former business executive.

She is an active grandmother and a recognized spiritual master. Founder of the Institute of Positive Living, Berlin/ Zurich, and as from 2002 the Founder and CEO of ACTIVALE- A Global Enterprise for Human Development and World Peace.

ACTIVALE is a subdivision of Energy-Works International, inc. a corporation organized under the laws of the State of Florida in 1987 by Helena Margareta,DD. ACTIVALE was founded in 2002 as a Global Network Organization to help individuals find Happiness and Harmony in their lives, so they can contribute to make this a happy and peaceful world.


ACTIVALE & EnergyWorks International, Inc.

P.O. Box 51828
Sarasota, FL 34232


Inspirational Lectures/ Inspirational Seminars and Workshops/ inspirational One-on One. Contact Activale – A Global Enterprise for Human Development and World Harmony, inc.


 The Activale Creed:

Within you there is a place, that knows all and sees all. This is your Inner Light, your Higher Potential, the God Flame within you.  We help you activate that Power within you… For Good Health, Success and Balance in your life.

Helena Margareta:  Happy and Healthy individuals create a Happy and Peaceful World.

Helena Margareta

Helena Margareta