Through Helena Margareta’s own research on 20,000 individuals in many different parts of the world, she has found that there is ” A Universal ONENESS” , an eternal LIFE Force, that ties everyone and everything together, no matter who you are, where you are and what you believe . To heal our body fully, we have to understand that everything within us is connected. She also found that our emotions, thoughts or consciousness seem to be connected with the condition of our physical self. And we are not to separate one body part from the rest of our body in our healing process. Because everything is connected.

Wherever we go in the World and meet with different cultures and traditions , you’ll soon realize there is a desire for a connection with a Higher Power. A Power we can trust and that can be there for us during times of need. Helena Margareta also began to understand “Energies” as an important part of what we are and that keeps our Universe going. She found that some energies belong to certain parts of the world –and once you understand the true meaning of “Energies”, you understand why there are more wars and conflicts in certain areas of the world, and how this problem may be corrected for good… We have seen that a Peace Treaty signed by politicians in NO WAY has been the foundation for lasting peace. History has shown us so, time after time, and society is still not willing to accept the only true way to peace: a Spiritual Renaissance, and it has to start within each one of us. Please do not confuse this with organized religion. Spirituality and Religion are worlds apart!

Helena Margareta also found that within each one of us there is something, that she calls our Spiritual DNA, an energy that contains the formula of our Dimensional Self – This formula is directly connected not only to our intuition and spirituality, but also with –our overall well being. Most of her work is connected to this area of knowledge, a knowledge far too extensive to bring up here on this page but explanations are usually given in her interesting inspirational lectures and workshops when so requested.

“We make a leap beyond the range of technology, To a higher level of knowledge, beyond time, place and reason. We go from where we believed it was impossible, To where it can be made possible.” (Helena Margareta)

Included in our spiritual DNA are also our cellular memories. These memory cells often contain the actual CAUSE for physical or emotional imbalance. Helena Margareta found there are different categories of memories and how they may have a certain effect on our moods, our well being and our life in general.

Through the same research she found that this cellular information could be intuitively influenced to restore balance so people would feel better. How this is possible we cannot prove with today’s technology, but through Helena Margareta’s own work, we have seen the results, one time after the other, and she can present the proof that this is so.

We believe today that our scientists have the only answers(!) Just like we did, 50, 100, 500, 1000 years ago…! Unfortunately we are forgetting that scientific proof goes together with the year, where we stand in history. Intuitive powers, on the other hand, have always been there and the results are clear, and given with no judgment.. Finally in 2011 it was publicly announced that intuition actually exists and is valid. –The scientific proof for intuition has been found, proven and accepted! Scientists today have during the past few years come to recognize that there is a link between good health and spirituality. They have found that prayer and meditation in fact make you feel better and help you have a more positive outlook on life. Research has also found that prayer and meditation seem to be associated not only with improved immune system and fewer episodes of chronic inflammation but also with a lower rate of burn-out and depression.

For those who know the Laws of Nature, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, no explanation will ever make sense. But no matter what, our human functional system is part of nature. In the end, this is the way we have to go, because nature will always, always have the Final Word.

Scientist and Philosophers all agree: It all depends on your open mind if you’ll ever find out “what’s out there for you.” It’s a matter of your MINDSET if you are to remain ignorant or if you really want to know what is going on in life.

Disclaimer: Helena Margareta is not a medical doctor but a minister. She makes no medical claims or promises. All her research has been made on her own initiative and has not been supported by any sponsors.

“There comes a time, when the mind takes a Higher Plane of Knowledge but can never prove how it got there. All great discoveries have involved such a leap!”
-Albert Einstein