Satisfied clients are our best advertising. We receive at least 95% of our attendance from recommendations by satisfied participants. One lecture or workshop usually leads to more requests from new clients. One satisfied one-on-one-client sends the word to a friend, a family member or colleague, from city to city, even from one country to another.

All testimonials, through cards, letters, emails, are unsolicited and are archived in our files. They are far too many to include on these pages. Telephone calls and verbal comments of gratitude are not included. For the sake of our clients’ privacy, we have not given their full names, unless they have been contacted beforehand. We have taken the liberty to translate to English letters written in other languages.

“From the moment I met Helena I was fascinated with her personality and abilities. She was such a spiritually centered woman who vibrated at a level we are not used to in people. I was extremely impressed and convinced with everything she said and did. She radiates what she teaches and without you realizing it, she pulls you into a fascinating journey of discovery. She brought me to a feeling of inner calm. I couldn’t believe how every trace of old stress had disappeared from my system and how peaceful I felt afterwards.”
Randy Denton, former director Broward Center for Living, Florida

“We all feel very humbled and very grateful to have met Helena. It is impossible to describe a magnificent person as Helena. You have to experience her seminars and meetings for yourself. Be prepared for a very special event in your life.”
Best Western Hotel Management, Revsnes, Norway

“Forgive me for saying so but I had no idea you were so good! I know you must have heard this before, but you really changed my life! My sales have gone up and I get along with my family much better. I have even lost weight and have a new positive outlook on my life…”
Brenda M., Boston

“I had the feeling that you as soon as you entered the room, your presence immediately made me feel harmonious, positive and so calm. The method you teach in your workshops really works, and it’s so simple.”
Christina H. Sweden

“I attended your motivational workshop here in Helsinki. It was the most incredible experience of my life. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Paivi H., Helsinki, Finland

“Helena Margareta was born with some very valuable gifts, which she resisted for a significant portion of her life. When she finally gave in to her amazing natural instincts, her evolving self-acceptance not only changed her life in miraculous ways, but she also inspired others to find their own healing and wholeness.”
Christine DeLorey, author of Life Cycles, your Emotional Journey to Freedom and Happiness/ Miami

“After your workshop last year and learning the power-meditation, I have been led to the right people, the right opportunities, the right circumstances –and the right ideas. You changed my life!”
Gail W., insurance agent, New York

“I enjoyed every minute of your inspirational lecture, and your meditation was a gateway to heaven. Great things have happened in my life afterwards, and I feel I have to thank you for that.”
Wenche A., Kristiansand, Norway

“Thank you for your wonderful help, Helena. You have a unique and amazing gift. You are doing a great service for this world and I am very grateful that our paths have crossed.”
Annette M., Producer, Miami

“I wanted to thank you personally for joining Dannion Brinkley and I on our radio show. We really enjoyed you and want to do this more often….”
Nicole Whitney, Talk Show Host, Toronto, Canada

“Attending your class last night was a wonderful experience for me. I have been in search for someone with your spiritual wisdom for all my life. I truly believe you are a gift from God.”
Tanya C. Fort Lauderdale

“You have taught us so much, the whole family.I enjoy working with the While Light and it has opened up so many new avenues around me that I wasn’t aware of before.. Through your teachings I have also understood how to heal myself and my own attitudes. I always blamed everyone else for my misfortunes before.”
Emelie E., Montreal, Canada

“Your book Constant Awakening is so beautifully written. You showed us how the Light can guide us at all times. I enjoyed the private session with you, and have been glowing with happiness ever since. Please consider including a future work base in New York in your so very important work.”
Aina, account executive, New York

“I must tell you… I came for a personal one-on-one last summer, and I have never felt so good in my life as I did after that session. I would like to book a session for me, my mother and my sister when you next time visit Sweden.”
Asa P, accountant, Stockholm, Sweden

“I would like to thank you for the time you spent with me. I feel it has helped me on my path to making many positive changes in my life. You are a beautiful person – inside and out!. I’ll call you soon to arrange for our next meeting with my sister.”
Rachel, S., Miami

“We were glad to welcome such a great speaker and dedicated healer, bringing activation to the souls in New York and especially here at the United Nations.”
Sharon Hamilton-Getz, World Harmony Council and Forum at the UN, N. Y.

“I was suffering from high blood pressure and we could not bring it down. After a One-on-One session with Helena Margareta my blood pressure went down from dangerously high to normal in three days. It has remained normal ever since.”
Wildfrid D. F, CEO, the Association for Promotion of Good Health

“I love your meditation CD: Make Your Dreams Come True. The influence of the CD was wonderful. It was amazing: I saw so many colors flickering by. I was so totally relaxed and was amazingly inspired to move on with new ideas to be used in my work. You made my day here in cold and wet farway Finland. Thank you again.”
Taina N., Helsinki, Finland

“I have read your book CONSTANT AWAKENING many times, again and again, Each time finding something new to learn or to think about. I am now so much looking forward to meeting you in person.”
Monica W., Sweden

“I feel so very privileged that my family and I have been introduced to your gift to help the world. I received your name from a woman I had never met before and 2 weeks later we had the honor meeting you for a private meeting. During that meeting you looked at my son who had had stomach problems all his life and no one had been able to help him. One week after the meeting with you he was completely well and he has been well ever since. I am so grateful. A few months later you met my son again and you now worked with him on a different energy level.My son is today a different person: He is happier, has more joy, is more open and extrovert and is more interested in what goes on around him. Your work has been invaluable for my son and for our family.”
Cecilia, Sweden

“I have to thank you for the seminar last weekend. It feels like you have given me keys to a new car and a roadmap with new places to visit. It was important for me to have attended and I now begin to understand the real meaning of my life. I am now looking forward to my future.”
Irene A., Miami

“I don’t know if I would had lived today if you hadn’t entered my life. I have been weak and sickly most part of my life and in just a few seconds you had sized me up and found the cause for my health situation. No doctor or therapist had been able to do so for all these years when I was looking for help.

I was so impressed by your talent to so quickly describe all the problems I had been suffering from for so long. Finally you had given me a confirmation that my pains were no imagination. After 2-3 meetings with you, my organs seem to be working again. I have more strength and life has in a miraculous way come back to me. I am so grateful to you and the Incredible Higher Power that works through you … I cannot thank you enough”
Cecilia A., Sweden

“We have received your meditation CD Well-Being and Personal Success. Its is wonderful and we congratulate you for putting it together. My assistant here at the store, immediately wanted to listen to it. She went through a very strong reaction of cleansing and clearance and getting rid of old blockages deep down into her soul. She was very content with the CD. It was very powerful.”
Mervi L., Helsinki, Finland

“Thank you for the help you gave me to find my true self. It was a great experience to meet you. I was very helped through the energy you transmitted to me during our session.. Whatever it was, it really helped me.I would like to meet you again, next time you visit Norway.”
Ingeborg U., Oslo, Norway

“Thank you for improving the quality of my life. You have done so much for me.”
Rhoda L., Scarsdale, Arizona

“I first met Helena Margareta a couple of years ago when she was doing a weekend seminar at Bygdelandsfjord in Norway. I’ll never forget this meeting. Her personality was so clear, bright, loving and warm, that I felt I was in another dimension. It was like she filled me with light and lifted me up to a level of Love and Peace. After the seminar this feeling stayed with me. One year later she was doing a new seminar and I joined again. I was filled with the same feeling but even deeper. I can only say this was the best seminar I have ever attended.”
Dan Morkestol, Oslo, Norway

“Thank you for the lecture last night. It was the first time in months that I have been able to sleep without pain. Today, I also felt no pain, and was able to walk without winching each step. Whatever you did last night during your lecture, I am truly grateful. Thank you for showing me how to enhance the use of the White Light and our chakras .I am so grateful to God for leading me to your lecture and healing meditation.”
Ruth S., New York

“Helena Margareta is such a great and dedicated speaker. We are looking forward to welcoming her again at the United Nations. The inclusion of her meditation was incredibly powerful.”
Sharon Hamilton, Chair, Values and Business CSVGV at the United Nations, New York

“We are delighted with your charm, tact and culture, and we so much appreciated your big capacity for work, your energy and the enthusiasm you put into what you are doing. We hope to work with you soon again.”
International Union of Employees in Culture, Tourism and Sports, Moscow, Russia

“I was at your workshop here in Helsinki. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. I felt how I was touched deep down in my soul, so I cried, but they were tears of joy and gratitude. I too would like to help people the way you do. I believe that one day my dreams will come true.”
Paivi H. Helsinki, Finland

“Thank you for everything. I can sing again. You gave me my singing voice back. I have never sung so beautifully before. I am eternally grateful to you for the help you have given me.”
Klaudia T. , Croatia

“I was taught a very valuable lesson in your seminar: You said we already know in our heart what is right or wrong and that we should follow that inner voice.. You helped me find that truth in me and how to set it in motion .. and I begin to see amazing results. What a change from before, when I was trying to hide behind the opinion of others and I didn’t get anywhere.. My whole life has changed.”
Amy E., Helsinki,Finland

“Your influence has been so positive on my whole life and outlook, the way I think, talk, act and everything that was wrong before seems to be corrected after our telephone sessions. Tell me when you come to town so I can attend your next lecture.”
Michael K., Stockholm, Sweden

“This is a report how I felt after I had attended Helena’s workshop: 1. I am now the happiest of all in the whole world! Helena did something that was incredible- what ever it was, it worked wonders with me… 2. I feel as if my whole body is back in balance 3. I understand my life so much better. 4. I am now closer with my family.”
Anita W., Stockholm, Sweden

“Our One-on-One over the telephone was fantastic. I feel so much better overall and have had no anxiety attacks since our session. This is amazing since we only spent one hour together over the telephone. Thank you and a big hug.”
Hakan S., Gothenburg, Sweden

“Thank you so very much for your wonderful lecture here in Mariehamn last week. Only attending gave me so much positive energy and it stayed with me for several days. When are you coming back? We need you here.”
Maj Britt M., Mariehamn, Finland

“Thank you for a wonderful week attending your one week seminar. I feel energized, happy and very secure about my future. My husband was like a new person, and so was my daughter. I am amazed how well your method works. I am so impressed.”
Charlotte K., Sweden

“During our meditations I went so deep, I thought I was gone for many hours. I really believe your meditations are God given, and go through the dimensions. I feel they transform lives into being good lives. I was very satisfied with the results.”
Saija L., Finland

Thank you so much for my session last weekend . It was very powerful for me and set me on my path again with some clear goals. I started writing also…. “
Linda H., Palm Beach, FL

“I must tell you how much your meditation CDs are helping me. I play one in the morning and one before I go to sleep. I love your voice, I think it has magic or whatever it is.. . My doctor told me to continue because my cancer tumor has stopped growing. I now feel much stronger when I wake up in the morning. Thank you for improving my quality of life”
Christina,P. New York

“I am writing you today to thank you for the wonderful work you have done for me. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you. I wish we human beings, would value better our spirituality and the ones gifted like you, Helena. Since our appointment I have had no panic attack (I had them daily before) – and I feel a beautiful energy surrounding me. I have no more fears. I haven’t been this peaceful for a very long time. I am so grateful. THANK YOU.”
Viviane S. F, Miami

“Thank you for working with me last Sunday. I noticed a great improvement already 20 minutes after I had left you. You have great power. I really benefited from our short One-On-One session.”
David B., Teacher, New York

“My name is Christina N…Two years ago you helped my husband when he had double vision. He couldn’t work or even read and he wasn’t allowed to drive a car. He had gone to several doctors and found no help. He wrote you back and told you he was fine the day after your One on One…. and he has been fine ever since. I now need an appointment for myself…”
Christina N, Sweden

“I have to thank you once again for helping my daughter. She had been abused by her stepfather for years and nobody knew it and she had lost her will to live. After her appointment with you, she now feels so much better, She has begun to sing and play the guitar, do her workouts, see friends and laugh again- full of new energy. I am amazed – you only had one single appointment with her. it is heartwarming for a father to see this change. Thank you, thank you…”
Stockholm, Sweden

“Helena Margareta is a beacon of radiant hope and light in a world where hope and light are deeply needed. It is wonderful to have Helena for a personal friend. It is also wonderful to know that my friend is stunningly gifted by God to be a healing light worker and is able to help others into their own healing gifts. She is unselfish about helping people find their own centers of light energy and person-hood. For me the greatest grace of meditating with Dr. Helena’s guided meditation has been to receive the gift of being able to forgive and heal old soul wounds. With Eternal Thanks for her beautiful work made available to all of us.”
Dr. Anele Heiges
International Public Policy Institute at The UNITED NATIONS
New York, Vienna, Geneva

“I got my joy of living back and do not need any sleeping pills any longer. Thank you for being there for me when I needed you.”
Ingrid, E., Finland

“Thank you so much for your seminar. It was totally fantastic. You are a wonderful person with fantastic gifts.”
Robin E., Sweden

“Thank you for your workshop last week. I felt so well and full of harmony afterwards no sign of the burnout…. You have given me new hope to continue my career. I wish you much success in your travels.”
Elizabeth E., New York

“Thank you for speaking to us at the United Nations. Your ideas and presence are inspiring and I am happy to have heard your message.”
Swamini Sri Latimbika, New York

“You have helped me and my dog beyond any expectations. My veterinarian had told me my dog was going to die because he was beyond what any medical help could do for him. After I contacted you, his tumor has now disappeared. This is a miracle. I cannot thank you enough. I so much need to know more about what you do, so please let me know when you visit our area next time. I need to know more about Life and the Universe and how we all can make a difference. Thank you a million.”
Sophie G., Sweden

“Your meditation CDs are wonderful and people love them here in town. I have listened to the newest meditation CD every day and it makes me feel calm and balanced. You are really a good angel with a wonderful voice. I love your presence.”
Irena M., Finland

“Thank you so very much for your White Light technique. This was the most powerful technique I have ever experienced. I feel you deserve a greater thank you for your work than what you usually get.”
Elizabeth C., Palm Beach, USA

“Two years have passed since I met with you, and now with time I have come to realize that this meeting was of a much greater importance in my life than I thought at first. Immediately after our One-on-One meeting I felt less tired and much happier.. Soon afterwards I changed my career, and am now running my own successful business. I never thought this could be possible. I am now also writing on a book, and have finally begun to understand the meaning with my life. I would like to keep in touch with you.”
Yvonne A.A., New York

“I just want to send you a note of Thank you for all the work you are doing for others and what you have done for me. Thank you for helping me find my direction in life. I now feel motivated to move on after my divorce and I am looking forward to it. I never thought I could before. Thank you, Helena.”
Brigitte, New York

“I had a stomachache most of time and nobody could find what was wrong with me. You said you saw a past life memory that was haunting my subconscious mind. You removed the memory and I haven’t had a stomachache since. I can travel again and cannot thank you enough for what you did.”
Monica, K., New York

“I feel so much better now. I can sleep again and I don’t wake up with anxiety attacks in the middle of the night any more. It has made such a change in my life and I can now focus on the good of my life and function normally again.”
Vera B. Tampa, FL.

“I wanted to take the time to thank you for the difference that you have made in my life. The work you are doing has the potential to shift mankind. I have my positive outlook back and my re-connection to my old Self. I feel wonderful every day the minute I wake up.”
Lisa S. Palm Beach, Florida

“Each season when we come down to Florida we go for a Energy-Tune-Up with you. Both my husband and I feel it has given us more energy through the years and we enjoy life more. The Light-Meditation you have taught us has made a difference how we feel about each other and our lives. Thank you again and see you next year.”
Emma and Thomas W., Boca Raton, FL

Helena Margareta was born with a spiritual gift others only speak about in theory, but cannot use or teach personally. Although this power has run in her family for centuries, she was unaware of the fact that also she had been given a gift and didn’t use her gift until later in her life. This is the time she has returned to her heritage, she is here to help the world. You help one… it moves over to many.

All testimonials are unsolicited and from original emails already on file with us at Activale Institute. We have taken the liberty to translate some into English where necessary.